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A Mortgage is potentially the biggest financial commitment most of us are likely to face, and with the ever -increasing complexities of the financial world , the importance of employing the services of the right mortgage advisery firm has never been so important.

For advice to be truly valuable, we recognise that a mortgage recommendation isn’t about selecting the lowest interest rate from a comparison table but more about an appreciation of the additional factors that could make a considerable difference. For example, an understanding of the probable movements in the Bank of England base rate (which impacts on the interest rate lenders charge) will have a significant bearing over whether a fixed or variable rate mortgage is recommended, which in turn can make a substantial difference to cost of the borrowing if rates move.

Our independent mortgage advisers review mortgage products from the whole of market, some of which are exclusives not always offered on the high street. We will help guide you through the maze of today’s mortgage markets, making the process as straight forward as possible , and ensuring that you not only have the right kind of mortgage to suit your individual needs , but also the most competitive rate available to you.

What does whole of mortgage market mean and why use an independant mortgage adviser?

At R Pipe Insurance Consultant we offer mortgages from the whole of market, this meaning that we literally have access to hundreds of mortgage products from the numerous lenders, some of which are only available through independent mortgage advisers and not on the high street . In addition, as a first time buyer you may be eligible for exclusive introductory first time buyer mortgage products , again only available to some independent mortgage advisers. In addition to accessing mortgage products from the whole of market , we understand the varying criteria between mortgage lenders , this is of great importance in todays current market to ensuring that we place your mortgage application with the lender most likely to lend to you.

A further benefit of using an independent mortgage advisery firm , as opposed to arranging your mortgage directly with a bank or building society , is the personalised service that you will recieve and the support you will get in the house buying process. R Pipe Insurance Consultant will complete all paperwork on your behalf , liaise with all parties involved in the transaction ( i.e estate agent and solicitor) and of course keep you updated at all stages also answering any questions that you may have.


A re-mortgage is simply switching from one lender to another and this may be done for numerous reasons but the most common one is to obtain a more competitive mortgage rate.

For the large majority of mortgage borrowers, the initial mortgage deal is for a defined period of time , such as two years , after which the rate reverts to the lenders standard variable rate, which can be more expensive. It is at this point that meeting with an Independent mortgage adviser may be financially beneficial to you.

When making a recommendation we take in all the additional factors, such as the impact of any setting up fees charged , probable movements in the Bank of England base rate (which in turn impacts on the interest rate lenders charge) the flexibility of future lending with that lender, whether the product is portable to a new property should you wish to move home, the benefits of short or longer term fixed rates, discounted or tracker rates and lifetime tracker rates and offset mortgage products which can assist you in repaying your mortgage off earlier. Our advice is with the aim of helping to ensure your mortgage is competitive , both now and in the future whilst building a lasting and personal relationship with our clients.

Brokers Vital When It Comes To Mortgage Selection

Although the Mortgage market may only be a fraction of what it was back in the heady days before the Banking crisis !!

That doesn’t mean the job of finding the right mortgage has got any easier.

There is still a vast array of home loans to choose from and even if you have already worked out whether it’s fixed or variable or a base rate tracker product that you are going to plump for, you still need to fathom out which is the cheapest for you.

Unlike savings accounts, personal loans or credit cards the answer isn’t as simple as referring to a best buy table on a comparison web site or in the paper.

Although some mortgage lenders still launch head line attention grabbing interest rates, hoping that it will be sufficient to win custom from those who don’t take the time to shop around or use the services of an Independent Adviser or mortgage broker.

One of the biggest problems for Mortgage customers is working out which is the most appropriate mortgage based on the total cost, i.e not just the interest rate but also the associated fees which can vary enormously between lenders and individual products.

Your mortgage is likely to be the biggest financial transaction you will undertake in your lifetime, it certainly makes sense to seek advice to ensure you don’t make what could be a potentially expensive mistake.

Let one of our experienced independent mortgage advisers help you today.

What to do next…

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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. You may have to pay an early repayment charge to your existing lender if you remortgage during an early repayment charge period.

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