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Treating Customers Fairly Policy

Treating customers fairly is a core principle within R Pipe Insurance and the way we conduct our business.

We are committed to continuing to improve our service and develope the ways we communicate our services and provide product information to you.

Our aim is to provide clear and concise information and assitance in plain English and jargon free.

The Key factors of our policy of Treating Customers Fairly are as follows.

You can be confident that you are dealing with a firm puts the fair treatment of our customers as a priority in our business ethos.

The Products and services that we recommend to you are marketed and designed to meet your individual needs.

Where advice is offered to our customers, we aim to provide advice that is suitable to each individuals needs and circumstances.

Our customers are provided with clear information and are kept informed before , during and after the point of sale.

Customers will be provided with products that perform as we have led you to expect, also that the associated service is of an acceptable standard and is also as you have been led to expect.

Customers will not face any unreasonable delay to submit a claim or make a complaint, we will ensure that any complaints or grievances are handled in a prompt and sympathetic and professional manner.

Customer Feedback

Your opinion and feedback is very important to us and would like to hear from you whether your experience has been good or bad, your opinion matters to us and will help us to improve our service to our customers in the future.

Please contact us via our contact form found here. Alternatively you could call us on 01376 501105 or email us direct at